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Stieg Larsson og Eva Gabrielsson

Stieg Larsson (1954-2004)

He was a journalist and editor-in-chief of Expo magazine. He was one of the foremost experts in Sweden on antidemocratic, extreme right-wing, and neo-Nazi movements. Previously he had worked for twenty years at the TT News Bureau. His debut as an author of crime fiction came in the fall of 2005. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, to date his estate is worth $15 million. Eva Gabrielsson does not get a penny.

«I think it's incredibly nasty what money does to people, especially in inheritance disputes.»
Noomi Rapace (co-star of the Millennium movies as Lisbeth Salander) to Aftonbladet, Oslo

«We think that an injustice has been done here. It's the view of the Socialist party that Stieg Larsson's life partner and common-law wife for 30 years should receive all the proceeds from the author's copyright.»
Dagbladet, Oslo

«A legal aftermath that is so unpleasant, not even Stieg Larsson could have thought it up.»
Leif GW Persson, well-known Swedish author of crime fiction

«In our opinion this situation has to do with our fundamental view of respect for equal status, and Swedish law does not live up to that view.»
Dagbladet, Oslo

Useful links: Links to articles about the case in Norwegian and Swedish: Web Tv: Buy the books here!

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We would like to support Eva Gabrielsson, who was the life partner of the late author, Stieg Larsson.
  • Eva Gabrielsson lived with Stieg Larsson for 30 years (they worked together for 32 years).
  • She was there when he wrote his three (almost four) novels in the Millennium series.
  • She was there when he received death threats from ultra-nationalist groups.
  • She was there when he delivered his three manuscripts to Norstedts Publishing in Stockholm.
  • She was there when Stieg Larsson realized that his books were going to be a success.
  • She was there when they planned together to publish 10 books in the Millennium series.
  • She was there when they planned together how they would divide up the income from the success of the books.
  • She was a significant contributor to Stieg Larsson's work on the Millennium series.
Unfortunately, Stieg Larsson had not written a valid will before he died in 2004. So Eva Gabrielsson was left bereft, without any rights in or income from the Millennium series. Instead all the money from the success of the books goes to Stieg Larsson's brother and father, who also administer the rights. Completely unfair, many Larsson fans feel.

It is our goal with this website simply to support Eva Gabrielsson in a difficult situation. We hope that together we can help her pay the legal bills she has accumulated and assist in enabling her to win the right to administer the Millennium series in the future.

Our proposal is simple:

If you're annoyed — donate $3 per book or movie that you've enjoyed
If you're mildly annoyed by the way Eva Gabrielsson has been treated, donate $3 for each Stieg Larsson book you've read or movie that you've seen.
  • If you've read one book, donate $3.
  • If you've read all three books, donate $9.
  • If you've read all the books and seen the movie, donate $12.
The sum of $3 is an estimate corresponding to half the author's royalty for each book sold.

If you're upset — donate $7 per book or movie
If you're upset, we suggest you donate $7 for each book you've read or movie that you've seen.

If you're really furious — donate more than $15 per book or movie
If you're really furious by the way Eva Gabrielsson has been treated, we suggest that you donate at least $15 for each book you've read or movie that you've seen.

These are just suggestions, of course. You are free to contribute any amount you like. (Pay here).

If you wish, please leave a note for Eva in the guestbook when making your payment!

A lawyer will be handling the money

All donations go into a bank trust account administered by the Svensson Nøkleby Law Firm. The account has been set up in Eva Gabrielsson's name, and she is the sole person who will decide how to use these funds.

The important thing is not the size of your donation the important thing is your willingness to act. To a great extent the Millennium series is about correcting injustice. Your contribution is a way of expressing your support for the underlying message in Stieg Larsson's critically acclaimed novels.


  • The cost of maintaining this website is covered entirely by the initiators and managers of the site.
  • Donations collected will not be used to cover expenses for this initiative other than bank costs associated with the trust account, bank fees, and the like.
  • By agreement with the law firm, Eva Gabrielsson (or an appointee that she designates) is the only person who can access the funds collected.
  • The managers of this website do not know Eva Gabrielsson personally, but we have discussed our initiative with her.
  • The initiative is based solely on the articles and reports of the case as presented in the media.